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Membership in the Association consists of major metal die casters operating plants in Canada.  The Directors operate or are employed by these plants.  One additional Director represents plant suppliers.

The Mission of the Association is to assist and represent Canadian die casters in dealing with government and other interested parties on industry-specific issues by communicating information to Members to help them remain competitive.

Our Objectives: 

  • To assist the members in making representation to all levels of public and private bodies on matters of common interest;

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information;

  • To define and promote industry performance standards;

  • To collect, analyze and distribute information and statistics on matters of common interest to die casting plant managers;

  • To publish brochures and other material to promote the industry.



In upcoming years it is estimated some 50,000 workers will be needed in the die casting industry in Canada. Many young people today might not have considered die casting as a possible career choice, but in order to better promote the industry the Canadian Die Casters Association (CDCA) created an education committee.

The committee, which was formed in 1999, was directed by Mark Straub, Barry Davies and Dennis Brougham to promote careers in the die casting industry. A campaign was launched and the following companies supported it:

Burlington Technologies Inc.
Dynacast Canada Inc.
Exco Engineering
Fishercast Division - Fisher Gauge Ltd.
Kaba Ilco Inc.
Lamco International Die Cast Inc.
Machine-O-Matic Ltd.
Meridian Technologies Inc.
Noranda Inc.
Orlick Industries Ltd.
Regional Die Casting Ltd.
Techmire Ltd.

UltraCast Ltd.

Once funds were collected, the CDCA became aware of The North American Die Casting Association producing a video as well so the two organizations paired up and the CDCA logo was added to the package. The video and CD-ROM were distributed to students across Canada and after much consideration it was decided to use the money saved through this partnership towards creating two $1,000 bursaries handed out once a year.

Mohawk College, located in Hamilton and McGill University, located in Montreal were chosen from schools across Canada to be the recipients of these scholarships. They were chosen because of the faculty’s dedication to the die casting industry through available programs.

The first scholarship was handed out in 2004 at the annual Canadian Casting Industry Education Conference.

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Funding is always welcome in order for this worthwhile cause to continue in the future. If your company is interested in making a donation, please feel free to contact us.